Saturday 16th - SAN CLODIO MONASTERY CHURCH (LEIRO) - 19:30 h

After twenty five years of experience in Medieval Music, working with diverse musical forms within the world of Medieval Music, César Carazo and Luis Delgado funded Los Músicos de Urueña in 1998.

The intention was to bring about a creative yet rigorous work which honestly expresses the medieval music of the Iberian Peninsula influenced by the cultural and geographic proximity of Northern Africa and Medieval Occitan region. The name Urueña derives from the walled city in Valladolid region where the Museo de Instrumentos del Mundo (Museum of World Instruments) is based. The exhibition is open to the public and shows a part of the collection Luis Delgado has bring together. The entire collection includes more than 1000 instruments from around the world.

The ensemble presents different programs using the corresponding instruments of the time, paying special attention to the interpretation and the timbre. Their intention is to recreate, by means of their voices and instruments, the religious celebrations of Medieval Christian Courts, the troubadour recitals, the musical soirées held in Muslim palaces and the familiar and religious celebrations held in Sephardic society.

The transcriptions they use come from the work of musicologists specialized in this subject, such as Higinio Anglés, Arcadio Larrea Palacín, Ismael Fernández de la Cuesta, Luis Lozano Virumbrales and Julián Ribera Tarrago, among others.