Día 7 - LICEO OF OURENSE - 20:30 H.

The only child of Victoria and Joaquín Rodrigo, dedicated to classical ballet from childhood, Cecilia completed her studies at the Royal Ballet School of London, and directed a ballet school from 1967 to 1987 in Brussels. She is married to Agustín León Ara, renowned violinist.

 In 1989 she founded the publishing house Ediciones Joaquín Rodrigo for the purpose of publishing, safeguarding and promoting her father’s works, receiving in 1999 and again in 2006 the prize for best publisher of classical music awarded by the Spanish Authors Society and the Spanish Society of Artists and Performers.

Cecilia was President of the Association of Spanish Publishers of Symphonic Music from 1999 to 2002.

The Victoria and Joaquín Rodrigo Foundation, created in 2000 and presided by Cecilia, has launched a series of projects, offering prizes in different international competitions for performance and research on Joaquín Rodrigo, and facilitating computerized access to the wealth of documentation in the Foundation’s Archives. Making use of this invaluable legacy, the Foundation carries out an important cultural task that includes the organization of exhibitions and the participation in activities related to the figure and music of Rodrigo, such as conferences, publications and more.

The Victoria and Joaquín Rodrigo Foundation received the Avon Prize 2003 in Japan, given to a non-profit institution for its special support to young performers.

Cecilia is often invited to attend different international events to give an intimate approach to the life and work of both her parents.