Día 5 -MONASTERY OF SAN PEDRO DE ROCAS, ESGOS - 17:00 H., 18:00 H., 19:00 H.

Emilio Villalba

“I was born in Seville at night in June 1976. I remember, when I was a kid, my parents bought me the first day of holidays on the beach, a notebook and a box of markers. I have lost most of those pictures. But what has remained in me since then is the enthusiasm for and interest in continuing drawing”.

I began my musical career with a small toy piano, when I was three or four years. Thenceforth, the curiosity and need to compose and play music have always accompanied me.

I love historical instruments, especially string ones. I have specialized throughout my career in the interpretation and study of historical instruments such as the Arab oud, Turkish saz, medieval harp, hurdy-gurdy, viola, psaltery, keyboard viola, the citole, the guiterna… Each of them has their own sound language and conveys different emotions.

As an illustrator of kid books, videogames and interactive apps, I design my own recording projects, as well as posters for events and festivals of medieval music.

Sara Marina

Sara Marina, born in Córdoba and “adopted” in Seville, is in love with Al Andalus’ history, legends, music and culture.

She is a pianist and a researcher in traditional percussion instruments, such as duff, rig, Asturian square tambourine, goblet drum or bodhrán. She is also an interpreter of medieval keyboard instruments as the clavicymbalum, clavichord, organetto and the Germanic lyre.

Furthermore, she is a textile artisan and designs bags and backpacks with a medieval and musical theme. A smart and funny way of carrying art with her and walk it around.

Clara Campos

Clara Campos grew up listening to her paternal grandfather’s fandangos and her maternal grandfather’s opera. Such a fusion could only lead to a fervent admirer of flamenco; someone willing to sing any genre allowing her to vibrate and develop.

She loves dance and theatre. She gets excited singing fados, classical music, Andalusian zéjeles, moaxajas and sefardi romances.