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March 6-15, 2020


Friday, March 6, 2020- 20:30 h
Templo da Vera Cruz (O Carballiño)

JOSÉ MANUEL ÁLVAREZ, violín (Galicia)

Sunday, March 8, 2020 – 20:00 h
Igrexa do Santo Anxo (Ourense)

CANCELLED – ‏KOSMOS ENSEMBLE, violín, viola & accordion (United Kingdom)

Friday, March 13, 2020 – 20:30 h
Igrexa de Santa María da Régoa (Monforte de Lemos, Lugo)

CANCELLED – ‏ANDREW LAWRENCE-KING, harp (Guernsey, Channel Islands)
Saturday, March 14, 2020 – 19:00 h
Igrexa de Santo Estevo de Rivas de Miño (O Saviñao, Lugo)


Sunday, March 15, 2020 – 20:00 h
Liceo de Ourense (Ourense)

‏Guitar Master Class
March 11-13, 2020
Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Ourense

Since its first concert in February 2008, the Festival has had the full support of audiences, critics, and recently, of EFA (European Festivals Association) – supported by the European Commission and the European Parliament – with the award of the EFFE Label 2019-2020.

Inexplicably all this has not been taken into account by the current Government of the City of Ourense, which has withdrawn all its support for the Festival, dragging in its decision to the regional government. This situation precipitated the festival to an unprecedented financial crisis last August, which we have managed to leave behind with very hard work and a little luck.

The 2020 edition will be opened in O Carballiño, in the magnificent Temple of Vera Cruz, with a concert by the prestigious Escolanía de Segovia, which will offer us a varied recital of sacred music. The new venues we are using this year are located in the Ribeira Sacra Lucense, in Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño, (O Saviñao) where we will enjoy the ancient music star Andrew Lawrence-King with a medieval program, and Santa María da Régoa (Monforte) where the virtuous Kosmos Ensemble will bring us a captivating program, right in the middle of classical music and world music.

In Ourense we will listen to two excellent soloists, José Manuel Alvarez performing great virtuous compositions for violin and Victor Villadangos, perhaps the most inspired live performer playing Argentine music for classical guitar.

It is a pleasure and almost a miracle to be able to do an edition with the same quality as always, taking into account it is a turning point in our history, as we take concerts beyond our natural geographical boundaries, what at the same time means the Festival has new possibilities to explore.

This year, more than ever, we must thank the sponsors and festival supporters. We also want to show our gratitude to the musicians, who have been so helpful. We exist…In spite of everything! Enjoy the music!

Juan Enrique Miguéns
Asociación Pórtico Musical president and Pórtico do Paraíso Festival director

Asociación Cultural Pórtico Musical de Ourense

Deputación de Lugo

Concello do Carballiño

With the support of:
Concello de Monforte de Lemos
Eligio Rodríguez
Musical Gonzálezález
Xacobeo 2021
Xunta de Galicia

Templo de la Veracruz (O Carballiño)

Igrexa do Santo Anxo (Ourense)

Pazo De Los Oca Sarmiento – Liceo de Ourense (Ourense)

Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño (O Saviñao, Lugo)


Portico do Paraíso International Music Festival was born in February 2008 in an attempt to fill a void in Ourense musical life. It was intended to offer the city the opportunity to listen to top level worldwide renowned soloists and ensembles in the best buildings of Ourense architectural heritage.

The Cathedral, whose portico names the Festival, has a special role because it is where the festival usually starts. There are also exhibitions, lectures and meetings with musicians that create a lively musical atmosphere as long as the festival lasts.

2020 is a turning point in the history of the festival, as for the first time it will be organized by Asociación Pórtico Musical and sponsored by Diputación de Lugo (Lugo regional government) and Carballiño Council. Xunta de Galicia (Galician government), Eligio Rodríguez Joyeros, Monforte de Lemos Council and Musical González will also reinforce it with their collaboration.


Asociación Cultural Pórtico Musical de Ourense

Artistic director

Juan Enrique Miguéns


Conchi da Silva


Manuel González


Festival de Música Pórtico do Paraíso

Apdo. 1219 – 32080 Ourense